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Cycling to the Village Shop and Tearoom is one of the best ways to find us. There are plenty of cycle lanes to choose from, you can find these and more by clicking on the Cycle Routes text in the right sidebar. We welcome cyclists and normally have around 10 cyclists visit us daily so you won’t be alone. There is ample space to place your bike, either by the well or on the wall next to the shop. The surrounding area is full of beautiful wildlife and if you head up to Compton down, you can catch a glimpse of Portsmouth in the horizon. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, head over to our contact section by clicking here.

Enjoy some of the best routes the South Downs has to offer by clicking on the link above.

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Walk this beautiful trail across eight parishes and stop at the shop for tea.

The 54 Bus is the most frequent service to Compton travelling between Chichester and Petersfield.

There are many spaces in the village square to park, but if not, please use the recreation ground instead.


Walking to the Village Shop is another great option for getting to us. You can use footpaths from across the South Downs, and we’re not too far from the South Downs Way as well. We are also a favourite stopping point along the Octagon Way, a dedicated footpath that runs along the Octagon Parish formed at the start of the new millennium, have a look by clicking the Octagon Way text in the right sidebar. If you are a local resident, then walking into the Shop may be already part of your daily routine, but if not; come along and take a stop at the Village Shop and Tearoom.


Taking the Bus is a great environmentally friendly alternative to getting to us. The 54 bus service (operated by Stagecoach) runs from Petersfield to Chichester and vice versa, stopping just 2 minutes walking distance away from the Shop and Tearoom. The bus is fast and since we are located almost exactly between Petersfield and Chichester it takes at most half-an hour before arriving with us either way! The bus has plenty of space so adequate social distancing is easy to do on this service. To have a look at the operating times and other details, click on the Route 54 Bus Timetable text in the right sidebar. 


Getting to us in the car is easy and very convenient if you need a pit stop or if you are coming to see us directly. There are two main parking areas to choose from, these are located between the main village square and the recreation ground (which can be found before the village on the right hand side). There is normally space available in the village square and since this is a shorter walk, we recommend you park there. If you have any questions about parking please ask a member of staff who will assist you and point you in the right direction. If you are coming to see us with a car during an event – such as the village fête, square dance or any other – please be advised that parking will be limited and you will most likely have to park in the recreation ground. Please also be advised that leaving your vehicle parked for a night or longer, can be an annoyance to both inhabitants of Compton and to new visitors. To find both of these parking areas, please click on the Car Parking Areas text in the right sidebar to get a better idea of these locations. 

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